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Management of Value Flows

With EventCASH Moneycomb ensures a cash and token handling solution for the financial management of your festival or event based on the use of festival tokens.

We sell the tokens to visitors, weigh the tokens for merchants, count the cash and report all data back to you. Our services are mostly invisible to visitors. That’s how Moneycomb guard’s safety. We do this by dividing the cash handling in back office and front office.

Back Office

Our standard operating procedures

  • Guarantee safe and secure logistics
  • Allows us to be fully responsible for cash differences
  • Enable us to work with any means of payment.

Front Office

Improving the customer experience

  • We consult about routing and logistics
  • We supply quality hardware such as; card machines, token machines and cash registers. (Click here for an overview of our hardware)
  • Our trained and friendly cashiers offer the visitor a pleasant service.