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Event Point of Sale Units

Moneycomb EventPOS is a point of sale payment system designed specifically for events. Optimise your processes and revenue by facilitating easy and quick payments. Easily pay right where you order, who likes cueing for tokens anyway?

Made for Events

Moneycomb EventPOS is designed for high-volume, fast paced events. Thousands of transactions will run seamlessly, even if power or internet goes down, EventPOS will keep on going. Contactless payments ensure a lightning fast transaction speed for busy vending points. Reliability where it is most needed.


Realtime reporting

EventPOS gives event organizers a live insight into sales, right from their smartphone or tablet for complete control. Evaluate event performance by exporting reports at the push of a button.


Mobile Solution

EventPOS is fully scalable and can be implemented into any size event whilst retaining its reliability. The system works open loop, individually connected with 4G or WIFI, without local servers.

The complete system is backed by bank grade security, HSM encrypted data, PCI PTS/DSS approved terminals. The card terminals accept all international cards and mobile payments, like Apple Pay.


User friendly

EventPOS uses iOS software, therefor we assure anyone will be able to work the EventPOS system. Little explanation is needed when staff use the system for the first time and they can get to work almost directly.


Cash Solution

With the EventPOS cash solution you’ll still be able to offer guests a means of payment when they’ve only brought cash. Currency is loaded on a card, which can be used at all the vending points.